27 February 2008

Yeah, Dalton... you're so right

We sure wouldn't want any government input, or oversight... of something like this...
Egyptian-born Mahmoud Jaballah came to Canada in 1996 on a false Saudi passport and claimed refugee status.

Along with his wife Husnah Al-Mashtoul they founded and ran the Um Al-Qura Islamic school located in Scarborough, Ontario which still remains open and is apparently approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education as a private school.
Oh yeah... one other small detail...
He was released seven months later but was arrested again under a new security certificate because it was found that his fingerprints matched those of Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Mahmoud Said that were released by Interpol.
Read the whole thing at the Broom.


"If you want to volunteer to help at playschool you need a police check done. You don't need to if you're starting a private school?"

UPDATE: Looks like Um Al-Qura's website is down

Commentary on the web suggests they may have decided to proof it a little more...
"Toronto school founded by terrorist Mahmoud Jaballah doesn't teach hate."

"No, it teaches the foreign language known as "Frinch." And "english grammer". And "histories"."
Hang on... there's apparently a mirror site on Angelfire where you can check out their "mission statment".


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Considering the gravity of the July 21 bombings, you'd think a story of BBC complicity in protecting wanted terrorists would find a spot much higher on the international news food chain.