26 February 2008

Mount Cherniak erupts yet again

"I'm still working on the proof... but I'm gonna spew all this defamatory shit anyway..."
"I must also stress that I am not accusing the Conservative Party of some sort of anti-Estonian bias."
Well, Jason... that's a relief, but really... is that what they taught you about "evidentiary issues" at the Outer Mongolian Law School?

I guess "de troot is de troot", huh?


UPDATE: Houston... we have a problem...

Cherniak asks: What are the Conservatives going to do about this?

Umm, let's see: hire Mr. Erikson a lawyer, and file a libel claim?


Surely you remember... "I'm not really saying... that Olivia Chow is a dirty cheater..."
"The rumour around TO (Let me be very clear; I am not suggesting that the rumour is true. I am only stating that it is out there.) is that Olivia Chow won because NDP supporters from across the city voted early and often at different polling stations in Trinity-Spadina."
Or how about this classic, incisive analysis...
"Did I call Stephen Harper an "asshole"? Yes I did. If you don't think it is proper to call the Prime Minister an "asshole" out of respect for the office, then surely you also agree that an asshole shouldn't be in the office in the first place."
Shameless, self-promoting Sherlock Cherniak... the Gomer Pyle of the virulent lefto-sphere.