24 February 2008

"Oh, Lucy... joo got some 'splainin to do"

I just can't get the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for" outta my head.
"Warman might think that this is another episode of him shooting fish in a barrel. But that’s probably what poor Shirlene McGovern thought, too – I was just another politically incorrect chump to rough up."

"I don’t think I’m going to be like the easy pickings that Warman is used to fighting. While my top gun lawyers are taking care of business in the court of law, I’ll be working vigorously in the court of public opinion."
Oh, oh, slick... looks like you just woke the tiger. And I bet your former friends at the Human Rights Commission are gonna be thrilled with this thing too.
"I’ll ensure that every legal document, every piece of interesting testimony, every embarrassing admission I exact from Warman and the human rights commission will be shown to the whole world."

"Unlike human rights commissions, where only the victim of the complaint is grilled, defamation lawsuits are two-way streets."

"It’s Warman who’s going to be famous."
You go, Ezra.


Who is the undisputed genius behind, "Operation Kick Myself in the Balls"?