20 February 2008

Worth the work

If citizenship in a democratic country is a precious commodity... why shouldn't prospective immigrants be prepared to show... that they really appreciate the prize?

You know... like my parents did.
Unveiling the proposals, Ms Smith said reforming how people become citizens was the unfinished business of the UK's migration system. She said that future migrants would need to "earn" citizenship.

This scraps the current system which allows people to apply for naturalisation on the basis of how long they have lived in the UK.

In the future, she said, they would be encouraged to "move on" through a system that leads to citizenship - or choose ultimately to leave the country.
This package also includes provisions to get rid of criminals who choose to leech off the largesse of society... something we desperately need to implement here in Canada... unless our unwitting goal is to create and subsidise a significant permanent underclass on the fringes of society.
"This is a country of liberty and tolerance, opportunity and diversity. These values are reinforced by the expectation that all who live here should learn our language, play by the rules, obey the law and contribute to the economy."
Sounds like a plan to me.


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See, here in Canada... we don't dance around dead bodies... and WE DO co-operate with the police...
It appears Tristan Wright was assassinated in front of dozens of people outside a weekend house party in northeast Scarborough.

But Toronto Police investigators are having a tough time convincing witnesses to come forward to help them catch the 23-year-old's killer, possibly because of the "Stop Snitchin' " campaign that is so prevalent in hip-hop culture these days.

He said the all-night party was still "active" and there were lots of cars on the street Sunday morning when police arrived at 8 Dunsfold Dr. -- near Neilson and Finch Aves. -- and found Wright shot to death outside.