18 February 2008

Reader Sigmund Crabgrass...

Was asking... who is "Canadian Cecilia"?

Well Siggy, here's your answer... puerile, profane and an unashamed racist to boot.

His friends... must be so proud.


RELATED: CC linked to me twice last night...

Check out the comments last night where someone spoofs Ezra Levant's identity, and curiously, uses "the exact words" CC uses in the post above...
"So it's ironic, in a dead nigger way."

Posted by E. Levant to halls of macadamia at 9:20 PM, February 18, 2008
The caring, compassionate left... what a bunch of busy little beavers.

Today's CC opus is titled... "Another slow Jews day".

Despite this, much like "Lucy" Warman... CC tells us he's actually a hero.

I'm not sure how that works though... under CC's leftbot rules... I guess we're not supposed to talk about this either...
"The estranged parents of a tiny baby were facing charges late last night after the child was found abandoned on a snowbank in a North York parking lot."

LAST WORD: Because it's what they do...
"When you’ve got profitable hate-speech cases to prosecute, why wait for some unemployed conspiracy theorist to start raving against immigrants when you can just manufacture the evidence yourself?"