21 February 2008

How about we delegate the NDP...

To make sure these unfortunate fellows... get all their "charter rights"...
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- A “terrorist cell” responsible for three deadly bombings in Kandahar province that killed more than 100 people and wounded scores more has been brought down in Kandahar, the province's governor said Thursday.

Ten people have been arrested and more arrests are likely, Gov. Asadullah Khalid said.
And there's more good news...
Meanwhile, Afghan and NATO-led troops killed a regional Taliban commander and his associate in southern Afghanistan, officials said Thursday.

Joint NATO-Afghan forces killed commander Mullah Abdul Matin and Mullah Karim Agha in the southern province Helmand on Monday, the alliance said in a statement.

NATO said Mr. Matin and Mr. Agha were responsible for a number of suicide-bombing missions in Helmand, the world's largest opium-poppy producing region.

The Taliban did not immediately confirm the deaths.