29 February 2008

Yeah, Ghazi... I know

What's a few thousand rockets between friends?
-- Jerusalem -- "So I think Israel tries to make Gaza sink in the ocean of blood and tears and suffering," said Hamas official Ghazi Hamad. "And maybe it tried to impose some collective punishment against the Palestinian people."
Of course, there's no "right response" here.

Hamas is obviously looking to provoke disproportionate Israeli retaliation... and it's starting to look like they'll get their wish.

And if that kills innocent civilians... so what... they're all goin' to paradise anyway.


UPDATE: Hamas gets its wish

It's all good, right Ghazi?


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"if anyting happens to me this site here will b in charge of that cause i hav no enimeas ecept you guys and trust me i will b seeing you in court darcey you dont think i hav money for a lawyer i wipe my ass with 100$ bills"
I don't know, Bobo... from the pictures I've seen so far... I doubt your hand can get anywhere in the vicinity.