27 February 2008

Live and DON'T learn

Not to be overly nitpicky here, but... all the family pets fall victim to predation... it might be time to pack up and find a nicer place to live...
A Kuranda couple fears for their children's safety after a 5m python devoured their dog in front of them, just weeks after other snakes killed their cat and guinea pig.

Daniel Peric said he now would not leave his two children, aged five and seven, alone in any part of the house, after the "enormous" python ate his silky terrier-cross chihuahua about 9pm on Monday.
And it's not like they didn't have any sort of prior warning.
Mr Peric said in the weeks before, the family had found their cat's body, which looked like something had attempted to swallow it and on Sunday a smaller python had eaten their pet guinea pig.

"When it happens once, you think it's a one-off, but last night I thought "this is serious."
This puts me in mind of all the people who, despite simple common sense AND all previous experience, choose to live on a flood plain, fault line... or the infamous tornado belts we all see on the nightly news.

All that comes to mind is, "Darwin was right."

(via natnews)