19 February 2008

The Leftbot Dictionary

See... I'd call this less of "a protest"... than an act of war...
-- KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Kosovo -- Serbs set off sporadic explosions and torched checkpoints between Serbia and Kosovo on Tuesday to protest Kosovo's declaration of independence and international recognition of the new nation.
And please, Jacko, Steffi... no more airy-fairy argle-bargle about underarmed, blue helmeted peacekeepers.
Two border crossings in northern Kosovo, staffed by UN and Kosovo's multiethnic police and customs service, were set ablaze by Kosovo Serbs who want them removed as a symbol of their desire to rejoin Serbia.
So go in there and kick ass and take names... like Afghanistan...or send these boys home to their families. They need soldiers here, not overwhelmed and out-gunned babysitters.


SURPRISE: Yet another link from Canadian Cynic...
Hey, CC... not tossing in the "N Word" today... what's up with that?

tell us again, crabby... "why are you on board with cc's disgusting rant attacking the mother of a dead canadian soldier?"

LAST WORD: Kabul or Kosovo
I know which one I'd choose.