23 February 2008

Take a pill, huh?

Her decorators and caterers also transformed rooms in her San Francisco Bay-area home into a "Betty Ford Clinic," where guests snacked on cookies shaped like Valium pills and Prozac capsules, and "Dick Cheney's Hunting Lounge," adorned with fake taxidermic human heads and staffed with waiters serving quail.

In addition to her jabs at Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush, she ribbed Clinton supporters by bringing in a Bill Clinton impersonator who mingled with guests dressed in a pair of boxer shorts.

The event, which raised $600,000 (U.S.), was a massive hit with guests, Ms. Manus-Salzman said. And despite the high-society attendance, no one complained of being offended by the evening's risqué humour.

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Preserve all the esoteric culture you desire... just don't be sending me the bill...
"Since the aim of language is communication, efforts by government to artificially preserve languages which would otherwise disappear in the larger linguistic sea in which they exist are effectively efforts to thwart communication and preserve divisions which would otherwise be more likely to disappear."

"Unscrupulous politicians may exploit such divisions to gain political advantage, but this does not equal an overall gain for the population as a whole."