22 February 2008

"Give me the heat, bro."

More mindless, fuzzy-bunny pap from the Big Smoke...
Zekarias, who has no previous criminal convictions, was supported in court yesterday by 15 family members and friends, many with professional careers. They said they are willing to act as sureties for him, stressing he's "not a danger to society."
I'm guessing the family and friends of the man he shot in the head... might disagree.
Awet Zekarias ordered his friend Edward Paredes to exact his revenge against the bouncers who had hurled him out the doors of the Brass Rail Tavern two minutes before innocent bystander John O'Keefe walked into the path of the merciless bullet, court heard yesterday.
Thank goodness though, for the wisdom of defense lawyers...
"This is tragedy of monumental proportions, but my client comes from an excellent family and an excellent background," his lawyer, Howard Goldkind, said. "He has a full-time job (at a roti shop), always lived with his parents and this is an isolated incident."
Well, Howard... that's not exactly how this works.

Even in Dalton McSlippery's Ontario... your first murder 'isn't usually' deductible.


"Yeah, 'the BULLET' was merciless."

"Put the bullet in jail."