02 February 2008

Hey, Jacko... whaddaya think?

Your Islamic freedom-fighter buddies are really learning to think outside the box...
Iraqi authorities have raised the death toll from Friday's suicide bombings in two popular Baghdad pet markets to 99, making it the deadliest day in the capital in several months.

Authorities say the two blasts, which occurred 20 minutes apart, were carried out by two mentally disabled women strapped with explosives set off by remote control.
Where exactly does the NDP stand on this one?

Well... at least your pals can't be accused of discriminating against the "differently abled".



The caring, compassionate left speaks up...
"It's appalling, and stupid. They should have strapped them to CPC supporters ... less public outcry, and they easily pass for mental deficients."
Oh, Jeffy... I thought you were gonna back off on the booze.

Well, I guess it could have been worse... at least you didn't call anybody "a retard".