18 August 2010

What's Judy Sgro been up to lately?

Well... the good news is she isn't pushing that "stripper agenda" so hard...

Two independent sources have told QMI Agency that Sgro has paid back $100,000 to the federal treasury, another MP whose identity has not been revealed is reported to have paid back $60,000.

Despite calls made over several days to Sgro’s Ottawa and Toronto offices asking for comment and clarification, the longtime MP remains silent on the details.
Just more nasty news from the party of... "if you catch me... I'll pay it back."

Remember... friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


mahmood said...

The dope should've rented it out to a peeler, who knows she may have a collected a tip or two along with the rent money.

Neo Conservative said...

this is simply theft from the canadian taxpayer.

you don't get to rob a bank and hand back the money for a free pass.

where are the cops?


Powell lucas said...

Speaking of repaying money; does anyone know the repayment status of the Liberals who ran in the leadership race way back in the days when Stephane Dion was elected? Has Elections Canada a lifetime exemption on repaying their loans?

maryT said...

Powell, I was about to ask the same thing. I think they are hoping to get back to the trough so they can forgive said debt.
I hope none of them try again when iggy is finished, unless they pay all debts and are disallowed to borrow for their next try.

Neo Conservative said...

"powell asks... Has Elections Canada a lifetime exemption on repaying their loans?"

man... i'm still way back at... when do we get our ad-scam valuta reimbursed.


Anonymous said...

Real liberal scandals are ignored routinely in this country as the elite and media are 'liberal' in orientation. Makes you wonder what was hidden when liberals were in power doesn't it? (real conservative)

Frances said...

There's also the question as to whether Ms Sgro owned two 'principal' residences at once. If she owned another home at the time she bought the Ottawa condo, then there are tax implications when she disposed of same (ie gave to kids). CRA should also be looking into this!!

Neo Conservative said...

frances...my guess is the tax people won't start sniffing around an active mp unless someone makes a formal complaint.

perhaps you could email your member of parliament to look into this for you.


Anonymous said...

Funny I haven't seen that on CBC or in the TorStar, etc.