19 August 2010

Pay me now... or pay me later

The government says the camps are "sources of illegal trafficking, of profoundly shocking living standards, of exploitation of children for begging, of prostitution and crime".

The operation has been condemned by human rights groups, who say it is deliberately stigmatising a generally law-abiding section of society to win support among right-wing voters.

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An Australian Muslim woman who sought permission to keep her face and head covered while she gives evidence at an upcoming trial was told by a judge Thursday she would have to remove her veil.


Frances said...

Check the warnings the government issues to travellers: Roma children are listed in at least one country (Slovakia) because of their persistent begging and thieving.

Neo Conservative said...

just another sad... and culturally embedded... state of affairs.

if the roma choose to live outside of society's rules... they have to pay the price.