17 August 2010

Red Star caught red-handed

Professional journalists... your ethical and intellectual superiors...
airbrushing the politburoYeah... I'm shocked.


UPDATE: The "Red Star" replies...

“We’re trying to track it down to which computer it came from, which may be impossible to do,” said Mr. Hepburn.
Wait... the Toronto Star is the only organisation in the world that doesn't have server logs?


Honey Pot said...

That is pretty scummy, but not the least bit surprising.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with journalistic integrity - there is none. Make it up as you go and supply incorrect information to support your story. Someone wants to be Dan Rather. Unfortunately this is a regular occurence on the front pages of the MSN, not just the Wiki pages. Thank goodness for the internet - there are at least fact checkers in the bloggosphere who will challenge the malpractice. I assume you can't use a computer in a large organization without logging on. Should be easy to track this wannabe fiction writer down and fire them. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Norm said...

"Should be easy to track this wannabe fiction writer down and fire them."
Yes it should be easy but only IF you want to do so.

Neo Conservative said...

airbrushing the politburo... what the "red star" does best.