31 August 2010

The all new & vastly more compassionate...

...Canuckistani Criminal Code...

Charges have been laid in connection with Saturday's disturbing shooting in the parking lot of Surrey's Guru Nanak temple.

Radio India managing director Maninder Gill has now been charged with a series of firearms offences, including two counts of discharging with intent.
Hmmm... kinda sounds like a plating factory dumping effluent out the back door. Come to think of it... that'd probably get way more ink these days.

Call me wacky... but you tag somebody with a gun... isn't that "attempted murder", or "assault causing bodily harm"?

Apparently... not in Canada anymore.

You show up at your local "place of worship" and bust a cap in somebody's ass... it's about "discharging"?

But, hey... don't you dare try to defend your own life.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is kinda interesting, isn't it? We're told by the left that guns have only one purpose, which is to kill (certainly handguns...yes, ignoring target shooting. But they're left for a reason).

So....whenever a handgun is used, then, you're right, it should be attempted murder.

Unless you were just target practicing in the parking lot.

I sense a Parliamentary Panel on the Full Description of Target Practicing coming up...

Neo Conservative said...

another gun crime... spectacularly unprevented.

and discharging?

for a minute there, i thought it was gonna be a story about venereal disease.


Anonymous said...

Under the "New Liberal Canuckistan Constitution" you sir are perilously close to an ad hominem tag of racism, you are not showing any concern whatsoever that there might be a "backlash" in the community against the Temple.
I don't understand myself, I thought giving them a pass on the knife thing would keep the gun play down, apparently not.
I would have thought discharging a gun into somebodys body was attempted murder, apparently not.
Was it a warning shot? just askin'

BDFT said...

Causing bodily harm with intent -- firearm
244. Every person who, with intent
(a) to wound, maim or disfigure any person,
(b) to endanger the life of any person, or
(c) to prevent the arrest or detention of any person,
discharges a firearm at any person, whether or not that person is the person mentioned in paragraph (a), (b) or (c), is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of four years.

Anonymous said...

It's the politics of South Vancouver at play. No politician dares to do anything to cause a stir in the Indo community there. The exclave of Sikh ex-pats is extremely powerful (votes and boatloads of cash extorted from their own), never shies from using violence to silence its critics (Ujjal Dosangh, Tar Hayer, to name just two), and are outrageously obnoxious in general.

Any politician or would be politician curries favour with these scoundrels. They rarely ever cross them. Its only when their street boys (think drug dealing gangsters) get too out of hand, and have the general population focusing on the Sikh community do you see Sikhs being charged with more serious offences. And those usually also wind up dead.

They are a corrupt community that needs to be shown the door.