21 August 2010

Common sense suggests...

...the ship didn’t materialize out of the goodness of someone’s heart. It was paid for, and whoever forked over the money clearly expects a hefty return. Happily admitting the exploited folks on board would clearly seem to be encouraging that trade.

Is it also possible that, among the 500, a few hardened Tiger sympathizers are hiding, hoping to implant themselves in Canada’s Tamil community so they can continue to promote hatred and division?

You know, it just might be.

Now for an opposing viewpoint
The Canadian Tamil Congress believes the poll results are a reflection of feelings towards the immigration system, not Tamils themselves.

“I think there is a growing frustration,” said spokesperson Manjula Selvarajah.
Nah, Manjula... this is about people being pissed at this boatload of queue-jumpers taking advantage of our good nature.

You'll just have to trust me on this one.


LAST WORD: Let's ask an actual Tamil...
What about actual Tamil refugees here in Canada? How bad do they think life is back home?

As QMI’s investigative report shows, 71% of Tamil refugees here in Canada think things back in Sri Lanka are good enough that they’ve gone back home for a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! It just might also be the fact that my wife and I have put close to 45 years in apiece working and paying taxes, so 90 years aggregeate. We get between us about 1200 dollars a month pension.
Mr Popo will get what ? I have seen numbers as high as 2700 a month. Clothing allowance, furniture allowance, dental, medical, lawyer. Iam not upset I am PISSED!
You don't sit trsspassers down to turkey dinner! Mr Harper send 'em back!
Cheers Bubba and Bubbette

Neo Conservative said...

i went to the eye doctor recently and the subject of the tamils came up.

my doc, whose parents are east asian immigrants, tried to convey how his father felt about this one.

as befits a typical canadian... he tried to tread carefully... but the actual gist was that his dad, who jumped through all the proper hoops to come to canada... would have sunk that boat himself.

this thing has really struck a nerve.


Sammy said...

O/T Neo,but thot you would enjoy this:Ignatieff strong-arms Bagnall on gun registry..from the Yukon news (http://yukon-news.com/news/19355
Seems those Yukon voters don't want to keep the registry..but Iggy don't care!
And from the column,this gem from Iggy:'We're in a $54 billion dollar hole and I didn't dig you into it.But,I've got to dig us out'............take note once again it's the I I me,me ego-machine in fine form! Not the Lib Party,just Iggy.
He also incorrectly slams NDP for keeping PMSH in power..BUT the reporter points out that all the Dippers showed up to vote,and Libs didn't.Also,someone turned the lights out.literally.on the show!

BDFT said...

That's not off topic at all. The government has decided what the people will think. Go back to work in cheese factory and be quiet. The commissar is listening.