23 August 2010

Here comes the science

Additionally, while technology plays a major role in the DEA’s efforts, much of its success is increasingly dependent upon rapid and meticulous understanding of foreign languages used in conversations by speakers of languages other than English.


Kai said...

Ebonics is consider4ed a dialect. I always just thought of it as lazy a$$, thick headed morons trying to speak English. Dialect. P{lease, give me a break. I have several Black Canadian friends who speak English much better than I.

Neo Conservative said...

well, kai... i'm with black comedian chris rock on this one...

"Yeah. There are two ways of speaking. One way if you want a job ... and that other way."

oh yeah... also make sure you put your "street name" on your resume.

that always impresses the folks in h.r.


Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"my own personal anonymous troll returns to shriek... Fuck you're an idiot. "

hmmm... not exactly socratic method, bro.

i must have really hurt your feelings for you to devote this much time and energy to your never-ending trollery.

why don't you just tell me what i did to you... and ask for an apology... and we'll see where that goes.

all this "neos a fat, bald wanker" stuff is just so childish & boring.

i mean... i'm obviously way more important to you... than you are to me.

c'mon, get it off your chest.