15 August 2010

An idea whose time has, er... come...

..."Fellatio Park"...

Gareth Kirkby, former editor of Capital Xtra!, Ottawa's gay and lesbian weekly magazine, said a much more progressive and rational strategy would be one of harm reduction and education, rather than rounding people up like criminals.

"There's a long and, I would say honourable tradition of outdoor sex in the Ottawa area, as there is everywhere in the world. Men who have sex with men cruise in parks, they do that in repressed societies and they do it in more liberated societies like ours."
Well, it's true... we already set aside special fenced-in areas where your dog can take a crap.

Is it time for "designated BJ" zones?


Harry98 said...

Throw them in jail. Better still, round them all up, put them on an island they cannot get off, get them off the streets.

Rose said...

One of our local parks is off limits to families or dog walkers because gay prostitutes use it to conduct business. Sadly the cops won't do anything about their public sex, oh they hold town hall meetings and such but they've never attempted to stop their despicable actions. Funny thing is some of the local muckeddy mucks go their in suits during their lunch hour to have sex with men whilst sporting wedding rings.

BDFT said...

What would happen if someone had heterosexual sex in the park? I'm guessing an indecent exposure charge or worse.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ottawa Youth Services Bureau that is serving homeless youth in Ottawa area is headed by homosexual rights activist Alex Munter. On his facebook Alex Munter Executive Director of Ottawa YSB is proudly showing picture of bunch of naked homosexuals frolicking on the beach in Germany
While spending 35 million dollars a year (Ottawa YSB annual budget) City of Ottawa is promoting sexual deviancy among Ottawa youth. If you dare to complain about Alex Munter misusing his position with Ottawa YSB to peddle homosexuality to gullible Ottawa youth to Ottawa City Council you can be sure that Ottawa Police will try to have you arrested and charged with criminal harrasment

Anonymous said...

Going back to my previous comment.
Just so you know that I am not making it all up here is the link that shows what Ottawa YSB is spending Ottawa taxpayers money on:
"Sexual education revisions must go ahead, Ottawa groups say
EDUCATION / Youth Services Bureau, Ten Oaks Project, Planned Parenthood endorse 2010 sex ed plan"

Here is another link that shows what happens when you complain to Ottawa City Council about Alex Munter's activities,

"Anti-gay emails flood Ottawa city councillors' inboxes
NEWS / Emails target Alex Munter, ED of the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau"

Neo Conservative said...

"my personal anonymous troll screams... giving head in the park is no biggie"

okay, nonny... lemme guess... that's why you're so pissed at me... you're a gay activist?

hey... i believe consenting adults should be able to do whatever they wanna do in private.

is it too much to ask, though... to keep the sex off the public playgrounds & jogging trails?


Anonymous said...

PET said that State has no place in bedrooms of the nation when he legalised sodomy in Canada. Now it seems that homosexuals in Ottawa emboldened by PET's decisive actions want to chase federal government off crown owned lands.
Liberals who started that nonsense are so scared of homosexuals that they stay completly quiet when state gets evicted from the land they own.

Neo Conservative said...

you know what? i honestly don't care if people have sex with their poodle, or rubber dolls... just don't do it in public.

is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

Sexual acts should not be happening in public in public places for any reason. If gays want to have sex in the open then buy a piece of land, fence it off, put up signs as warnings and then go about their business. I don't want to see it nor do I want any kid to see it either. Heck I'm not sure I want the animals to see it either? (real cosnervative)

Kai said...

Sex in public is wrong. heterosexual, or homosexual. It doesn't matter, its wrong and you should face consequences. But tell that to a gay man and he starts bleating on about its part of their culture, etc. So, lewd and lascivious behaviour is a norm in the homosexual world? Gay men are proud to engage in actions the rest of us find unseemly? Makes one wonder why there is so much homophobia/

Neo Conservative said...

"kai says... its part of their culture"

so apparently is indiscriminate, unprotected (and often drug-fuelled) sex... no small factor in the worldwide aids epidemic.

live & don't learn, huh?