11 August 2010

Because what... that first boatload...

...of Tamils last October is deductible? -- tiger timeHey... let's ask someone from the government...

"If you look back to the past decade, we certainly have a lot of experience in meeting that demand when migrant ships arrive."

"So certainly we'll meet the demand as it's required."
Yeah... that's some wake-up call.


UPDATE: Tamil smuggling ship boarded

Take a look at the comments in the Globe & Mail article. Looks like Canadians may have just about had enough...
"Seize the ship, sink it, and put the illegals on a plane back to Sri Lanka."
Plenty more where that came from.


Anonymous said...

Restock the boat with supplies, turn it around, escort it out of Canada's 12 mile limit and if it returns sink it.

Rob C

Patsplace said...

The plan is to country shop. Pass 15 Countries until the ship gets to Canada, then they claim Refugee Status.

And we buy into it. These are the people that INVENTED SUICIDE BOMBING.

And we're going to let more in?

Bob Devine said...

I think this could turn into a great training exercise or maybe a contest for our submarines. "SINK THE TIGERS" 1st prize a 2/4 of Canadian for everyone on board. Bet you a nickel that with an attitude like that we would not have to worry much about repeat offenders or copy cats.

Neo Conservative said...

i hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, folks... but from what i've been reading, the government folks out in bc have been getting ready to serve culturally appropriate meals and break out the first class medical & dental.

my guess is there'll be a limo fleet of immigration lawyers right there on the docks t greet them.

wonder how all the people who have to stand in line to qualify to get into canada feel about the queue jumpers.

rules... what rules?

i'll have to ask my doctor... who took years to get fully processed (from england) despite being married to a canadian-born woman... for his take.


Rural and Right said...

As we sit by and watch ... our borders and coastlines are being invaded by illegal aliens.

As we sit by and watch ... the illegal aliens are cutting to the front of the line where, doctors, nurses, welders, and other qualified professionals that we need for the betterment of Canada are pushed back.

As we sit by and watch ... our government will be giving the illegal aliens our hard earned tax dollars.

Some day soon,
As we will sit by and watch ... Canada's newest Tamil Tiger citizens will be pushing baby carriages up on to our highways to demonstrate how unfair they have been treated.

Neo Conservative said...

"r&r says... pushing baby carriages up on to our highways"

give 'em an inch... they take the box the tape measure came in.


Anonymous said...

Future government employees each and every one of them! (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

the tamil smugglers have been boarded -- main post updated --