31 August 2010

Let the healing begin

Yessirree... that's some "Religion of Peace"...

-- JERUSALEM (AP) -- Palestinian gunmen opened fire Tuesday on an Israeli car in the West Bank and killed four passengers on the eve of a new round of Mideast peace talks in Washington. The Islamic militant group Hamas claimed responsibility.

One of the victims was pregnant, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

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The withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq's urban centers just over a year ago was welcomed euphorically. Fireworks lit up the sky, honking motorcades drove through the streets and men danced with joy.

No one expects much dancing in the streets of Baghdad this Wednesday. The streets are deserted these days.

Last week, at least 56 Iraqis died at the hands of suicide bombers and snipers in around two dozen terrorist attacks.


UsualSuspect said...

If Canada were Israel, we would have had that wall up yesterday. Canadians would demand it.

If Canadians were being murdered by the "duly-elected" government of Gaza, we would certainly not be fooled or coerced into thinking Hamas is a legitimate "partner for peace."