18 August 2010

In other "more basketball courts" news...

Another crack CBC investigation reveals... "Mike Harris is killing our kids!!!"...

homicidal harris

It's not surprising to see higher rates of youth homicide in recent years, she believes, given the cuts to social programs instituted in the '90s by the Harris government.

"These are, as many people would argue, the children of the so-called Common Sense Revolution," she said, referring to the political platform devised by the Ontario Conservatives in 1995.
Wait a sec... Mike Harris has magical powers that turn otherwise compassionate, intelligent human beings into homicidal maniacs?


'Cos, to be honest... I haven't actually seen any evidence of that around here.

See... I'm thinkin' it's more like "the children of the proverbial single welfare mom"... but I guess we're not allowed to talk about that.


maryT said...

I suppose Mike Harris, and GW Bush were responsible for that "thing" that smothered her two children, strapped them into car seats and sent them into the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight, Mary T. Don't cha know such tired old tropes like "parental responsibility" went out the window the exact moment Harris and then Bush took office?

Thank God for Halls of Macademia. Paying attention to the lamestream media, so I don't have to!
Bruce in Guelph

Norm said...

I am sick of this social program BS! My Mum grew up dirt poor, ie shoes were for winter, summer you went barefoot. My Dad's father made a whopping 65 cents/hour, but fed, clothed and housed an invalid wife and three kids (BTW Grandma's invalid status meant Granddad needed to pay a part time housekeeper when his daughters were young and pay ALL of the medical bills from the 65 cents/hour!). But my parents never KILLED anyone or robbed anyone. They lead honest, productive lives.
The same can be said for me and my sisters. We were taught to quit whining and get to work, so we did. And to all the libtards who bitch and moan about firearms, so far my guns have killed less people than Rene Levesque's automobile, so ban Quebec politicains before you ban firearms.
Sorry for the rant.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, folks... that whole "personal responsibility" thing is so last millennium.

don't have an education or a job... but want lots of kids? don't worry... the more you have... the bigger the cheque.

don't bother about being in a monogamous relationship... your kids can find their own way.

relax... it's not your fault... just blame mike harris.

sweet baby jebus.


Kai said...

Social programmes are created and driven by people who have no useful skills and a deep, abiding need to be appreciated for something. They become crusaders, and look for causes to take hold of and properl. Call them social workers, community activists and advocates, environmentalists and the like. They all have one thing in common: they are useless, and deep inside they know it.

Neo Conservative said...

as far as i can tell... the endgame seems to mostly be about creating lots more jobs for social workers, community activists...