18 August 2010

From the comments:

The Obama Whitehouse is... yet again... engaging in what my Brit friends would call "playing silly buggars"...

what's obama hidingC'mon Barry... man-up and release the birth certificate... take your lumps... and end this thing.


BDFT said...

I think its a moot point whether Obama is a US citizen or not. He's there for the duration whether anybody likes it or not. It is, however, interesting to read the comments of that article. The "birthers" want hard evidence and facts. Their opposition, the loony left, resort to name calling and yelling really loud. All that being said, if he was a legitimate US citizen with nothing to hide, he should be able to produce his birth certificate.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm gonna go with "occam's razor" and guess that it's the muslim thing.

in that case, president mcdreamy loses both ways... muslims see him as someone who rejected the one true religion and everybody else just feels deceived.

thing is... he could end the controversy in a second by releasing the certificate... but i'm guessing whatever he's intent on concealing would lame duck his presidency.


BDFT said...

Too late. His presidency is already well and truly lame ducked.