26 August 2010

Darwin was right

-- WAINFLEET, Ont. -- An alleged attempt to steal copper wiring from a Wainfleet transformer turned deadly early Wednesday morning for a 33-year-old Welland man.
Alleged, huh? You mean he wasn't on one of those midnight hydro-substation tours?

Man, you can just smell the journalism.


"His two accomplices were 'CHARGED'."


Anonymous said...

At least he didn't trip and fall down a street sewer - I hear manhole covers are an endanged species in some cities. Cheers FernStAlbert

Anonymous said...

His two accomplices were “CHARGED”.

Greg said...

They should leave the fried husk there as a warning. Useless turd probably caused a power outage, possibly endangering others.

kursk said...

'Man, you can just smell the journalism."

..as well as the 33 year old man from Welland.Quite similar to burnt bacon.

Neo Conservative said...

no death penalty in canada, my ass.