28 August 2010

Okay... let's be honest

You've blown into Amsterdam, cruised the red-light district... and kicked back at the hashish cafe... it'd just be a waste if you simply went back to your hotel...

The opera took three years to write and the project is spearheaded by the Klingon Terran Research Ensemble, a group that actively researches Klingon culture and historic documents.
Of course they do.


Michael Harkov said...

I remember going into one of the comic book shops I used to frequent a lot as a kid when I was back in town, for nostalgia's sake. One of the guys behind the counter pointed a replica phaser at me, pressed the button/trigger, and when the phaser sounded, he said,"nyuk nyuk nyuk, now you're stunned".

Dude, I like Star Trek and all, having watched the shows and all the movies, but damn, there is such a thing, like this Klingon opera as well, as taking your love for the genre a little TOO far.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... they "research Klingon culture and historic documents"?

i'm thinkin'... there's a pretty fine line between fantasy and flippin' out.