11 August 2010

So little time...

...so many personalities...
lithium libbyDoes anybody else get this sort of thing? --

It's beginning to feel as though I have this weird little pet.
Yeah... why can't we all just get along, huh Libby?

And, at the end of the night, a hundred comments spread over three separate posts... troll-boy gets to the crux of his argument... "Neo insists on keeping the anonymous comments on."

Apparently, that justifies comments like the one above.

Now, I guess I'm supposed to crumple up and cry if he says enough mean things to me. Libby unfortunately has a pretty limited imagination, so he mostly ends up calling me "a fucking wanker" a whole lot of times... which is singularly ineffective on anyone who has been raised with five siblings.

Now I know that Kate & Kathy Shaidle probably get more of this silly stuff in one morning than I do in a week... but c'mon now... Libby's primary thesis is apparently that, if you don't wear a helmet... he gets to swing his baseball bat at your head.

I've gotta say... I just don't get the lunatic left.

No wonder this country is in such a mess.


LIBBY'S LAST GASP: I know you are...

...and so am I...
"So since you want to be a jackass, I returned the favor."

"THAT, is the reason."
The throaty swan-song of the compassionate, intellectual left.

If all that fails to win the day... you can just forge other people's names...
liberal supporter againThe wit and wisdom of "Liberal Supporter."