26 August 2010

Well, Ferruk... I'm guessin' that'd be...

...because they were planning a terrorist attack...

Prominent members of Ottawa’s Muslim community will meet with a team that specializes in defusing police-community tensions to allay fears and explain why the RCMP arrested two men suspected of planning a terrorist attack on Canada.
Uh, you guys are aware that we kinda frown on that whole "bloody jihad" deal, right?

Of course, Ms. Faraqui speaks for all of us Canadians when she asks the big questions...
Ferruk Faraqui, a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, and a board member of the Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization, said, "You can only wait and hope that when the details emerge, that the arrests were justified.”
Maybe I have lower expectations, Ferruk... I'm just happy this story doesn't involve mass casualties.


UPDATE: Guess they don't quite trust...

...all us infidels...
Salma Siddiqui, the Muslim Canadian Congress's vice-president commended the RCMP. “But we hope that the accused will be tried with due process, the presumption of innocence, and with full guarantees that their constitutional rights will be protected.”
You hope, Salma?

As opposed to what... the Saudi Justice system?


JA Goneaux said...

I guess, as white men, we should demand similar courtesy from the police when bike gangs are raided.

You know, just to make sure the cops aren't just hassling these guys because they are white men...

Anonymous said...

The Muslim spokespersons also hope that the people arrested will undergo due process of law. Why wouldn't they? Thanks for the insult to Canada.

Anonymous said...

White men don't get hassled in Canada for being white. Brown people get hassled for being brown. You get that right?

Anonymous said...

No matter what color you are - If you perpetrate or are involved in a crime -you suffer the consequences.
You got that right yet?

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll shrieks... Brown people get hassled for being brown."

sure nonny... that's how it works...

"Try this yourself some time... get a bunch of your buddies AND their deer rifles and TRY blockade a four lane highway for a couple of days."

"One caveat though... if you're a middle aged white guy with a regular job and a family... the local SWAT Team is gonna drop you like a crazy girlfriend if you don't immediately disarm and assume the position."

hey dumbass... maybe you should move to yemen and test-drive their "justice" system.

let us know how that works out.


Anonymous said...

Angry white guys are funny.

Mark said...

Why do ignorant leftists want a terrorist attack to succeed in Canada? Every arrest of a terrorist suspect is treated as a joke by leftist people. Apparently they continue the great leftwing tradition of enjoying mass murder.

Neo Conservative said...

"anonymous laughs... Angry white guys are funny."

but cowardly, anonymous loner trolls are not?

oh, nonny... i must have really hurt your feelings for you to devote this much time and energy to your never-ending trollery.

why don't you just tell me what i did to you... and ask for an apology... and we'll see where that goes.

all this "neos a fat, bald wanker" stuff is just so childish & boring.

i mean... i'm obviously way more important to you... than you are to me.

c'mon, get it off your chest.


Anonymous said...

Look what happened with the "Toronto Terror Cell". The police pay an informant tens of thousands of dollars that he uses to lure a bunch of dumb kids out to a camp to drive doughnuts and jump over a campfire while he tells them what to do to look menacing for the camera. Real terrorists you have there...the charges were almost all dropped except for that one kid who kept spouting propaganda (fed to him by the informant) during his interrogation who will now spend his life in jail.

Listen to what the coworkers of these Ottawa kids have said in the media. They are model citizens but maybe one of them is a dumb punk who wrote something stupid online. How many lives must be ruined to give us the illusion of protection from terrorist attacks?

Let's see the physical evidence before we make any judgements and let's not throwaway the rights our soldiers are protecting for some masturbatory police exercise.

Neo Conservative said...

"anonymous rants... Let's see the physical evidence before we make any judgements"

how's this for starters?

"Mounties seized 50 electronic circuit boards during raids on Wednesday which they say could be used as remote-control triggers for bombs. Police also say one of the men was trained overseas to make explosive booby traps."

you figure this guy was into model planes? it's all a government conspiracy?

i'm thinkin' you might wanna stay in the alien-abduction end of the pool.

and nonny... you really believe you're living in a police state... maybe you should move to, say... yemen.

let us know how that works out for you.


Anonymous said...

It is not a crime to own circuit boards, particularly if your job is as an x-ray technologist. Computer workers often know how to build computers from scratch and would have those types of materials.

While I agree there may be some basis for these charges, it is too soon to say whether it is mostly hot air, the doctor being arrested for example. As for the "terrorist training", well let's find out what this alleged training was. 'Conspiracy' is perilously close to thought crime although I agree it should be a convictable offence when it is substantiated by due process.

Why don't you move to the USA Mr. Neo Con? You'd probably feel much less of your hilarious conservative angst there.


Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll shrieks... It is not a crime to own circuit boards, particularly if your job is as an x-ray technologist... asshole."

no you dumb bunny... x-ray techs operate the equipment... they do not build it.

if you really believe that canada is indeed a scary police state... why would you live here?

take your kooky conspiracy theories somewhere else... you're just embarrassing yourself here.


Anonymous said...

It is a sign of your idotic desperation that you can't even construct an argument, all you do is spin and invent things that I never said (example: police state?? wtf are you on).

I wager that the electrician who trained in Manitoba is a radical islamist and the other two are just dupes/aquiantances caught up in the drag net. I hope their lives don't get ruined if they are innocent. Is that so wrong?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny boasts... I wager that the other two are just dupes/aquiantances caught up in the drag net."

nonny... much like anonymous net threats... anonymous bets are simply meaningless drivel.

you have some knowledge of the inner workings of the investigation beyond what has been revealed so far... please feel free to share.

perhaps you should also try to remember that... "because i say so"... is hardly socratic method.


Josephine said...

It's what they call damning with faint praise.

This type of statement doesn't happen by accident: my guess is that it is the result of expensive media training.

Neo Conservative said...

heck... maybe it's just... "idotic(sic) desperation"... i hear there's a lot of that going around.