29 August 2010

Maybe I'm just overly... what's the word?

Why exactly is it... that "sensitivity" always turns out to be a one way street?

-- Des Moines, IOWA -- "We could see that the victims were white. And we could see that the offenders were African-American, but we could not see what provoked or caused the assaults.

"Without that, we were not in a position as a police organization to leap to that conclusion without the victims telling us that, and they weren't in the initial reports."

"My concern is that we were calling it something beyond what it was."

(h/t reader mike)


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...moderate Muslims we've been hearing about?
"There will be some letters circulated asking to ensure the case is fair and transparent – you can act up on these letters."
See, Mo... it's the "acting up" that we're actually worried about.


langmann said...

"Beat whitey night" wasn't obvious enough for them.

Anonymous said...

I guess if it had been African Americans and Muslims they would not have been able to find the "correct" words for a report. I wonder how many beers Obama will have to supply to sort this "learning experience" out??

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

well... obviously the phrase "beat whitey"... is open to all sorts of (cough, cough) interpretation.

but rob raises an interesting point... where would this story would have ended up if it had been "beat muzzies" night?

katie couric would have been bleeding from her eyes.


Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

unnecessary... and way over the line.

-- deleted --


maryT said...

What ever happened to the Rodney King plea, can't we all get along.