15 August 2010

Bright lights, big city...

...no word yet from Mayor Miller's office... on which gun club the shooters belonged to...much murder

Police received a call about a shooting at an apartment complex at 57 Mabelle Ave., in the Dundas Rd. and Islington Ave. area, around 9:30 p.m.

The victim is believed to be about 20 years old. His identity has not yet been released.

It seems there's a bit of an epidemic flaring up here...
Tien Pham, Justice Ferrigno, Chris Tshilombo, Mitchell Celise, Devonte Gonde-Prosper, Vincent Wright, Adrian Ducas, DiAnthony Evans and now Andrew Dowden.

All under 20, all dead, recent murder victims in the GTA.

CORRECTION: Oops... in all the confusion...

...I missed one...
Later Saturday night, police responded to a call for the sound of gunshots on Bleecker St., southeast of Bloor St. E. and Sherbourne St., and found a man suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds.

That victim, believed to be in his late 20s, was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No arrests were made in either shooting, the city's 34th and 35th murders of the year.
There oughta be a law.


UPDATE: Shooting victims identified
"Byron Jones, 20, and Nicholas Kenyon, 29, were killed in separate incidents."


maryT said...

Maybe it is time for Toronto to take a page from a force started years ago, The Untouchables, by the FBI.
I notice the last names of those victims, were they born Canadians or the spawn of illegal refugees, or did they arrive here on their own.

Anonymous said...

Miller can't name the gun club to which these shooters belong because they are obviously members of some clandestine underground shooters club that uses live targets. Their intent is apparently to thwart the mayor's insightful plan to rid the nation of all the dangerous weapons (slingshots and pea shooters are next on the list)that fill the streets of our cities, towns and villages. Now, if only he would follow the same strategy with regards to politicians (starting with himself) he might have a worthwhile cause.

langmann said...

@ Powell lucas:

slingshots and "pea shooters" are already illegal in toronto. In fact, firing any spring loaded gun is. This includes a kid's nerf toy by definition.

Some people remember the days when teenagers in Toronto used to bring their rifles on the bus to compete at target shooting competitions. Clearly this has led to the recent choice of human targets, ask any liberal.

Neo Conservative said...

this is obviously a job for the "farmer bob rifle registry".


Anonymous said...

Posse? Crypts? intercene warfare? The cops, politicians and media know what is going on but play stupid with the public and don't want to offend the immigrant slime that infests our streets. Time to buy a gun for self defense. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

anonymous says... Time to buy a gun for self defense."

you know, rc... we've talked about this type of rant.

you don't just "buy a gun"... there's all sorts of stringent training & psych qualifications which you obviously would not pass.

all you're doing here is making law-abiding firearms owners look bad.

and crypts? you mean the gangbangers... the crips?

you wanna avoid the urban turmoil... do what we did... move to the country.

no more of this nonsense... or you can go on the "delete" list.