20 August 2010

They forgot they had a baby?

negligent homicide

-- HOUSTON -- A two-year-old Toronto boy has died after being left in a blistering hot car for two hours in a suburb of Houston, Texas.
I got nuthin'.


Josephine said...

This happens every fricking year.

Every family needs one "Nervous Nelly" who will count heads and double-check on safety, etc.

Neo Conservative said...

you know what... i could maybe... under the circumstances... see forgetting about the 2 year-old for 2 minutes... not 2 hours.

two words... negligent homicide.


jwkozak91 said...

The first thing that popped into my head was - Mom didn't remember that she went through labour twice?

Neo Conservative said...

undeniably an incredibly tragic event... but the blame falls squarely on the parents.

the only word that comes to mind here is "horrific".