30 July 2010

Or, we could just put up some pictures...

...of Mounties arresting people...

sticker fun


Honey Pot said...

Call me a prude, but I don't see anything funny about gagging and bounding a female, then stuffing her in a suitcase for the purpose of raping her later, as very funny.

Neo Conservative said...


i don't think this is, in any way, shape or form about rape. the humour is in the context... it's an airport... this is a flight-attendant in somebody's luggage. in short... it's not reality.

you're not actually suggesting this is gonna encourage air-travellers to kidnap stewardesses, are you?

not everybody's cup of tea... but like the other stickers for cash, heroin or a bomb... they're only depictions... like, for instance, the mohammed cartoons.

think about jokes... most are based on some sort of unfortunate circumstance... the butt of the joke, if you will.

here's a thought... maybe we could worry a bit more about interdicting actual crimes... rather than drawings of same.