26 March 2009

You know you're really getting...

...under somebody's skin... when they set up multiple dedicated Blogger accounts... just so they can troll your comments.

Meet Nonny-Mouse... aka Liberal Supporter...
For the record, Nonny has already "pwned" me... cos' you know, everybody is his "beotch".

Boy... all of this just sounds so familiar.


UPDATE: Nonny-Mouse throws in the towel...

Very Well neo-mouse,

I leave you to your echo chamber, sorry if ask asking tough questions politely is an offence here. Yet it is your house and your rules, although I notice that enforce of those rules isn't uniform.
Try to enjoy our life, maybe lose some of the anger.
Posted by Nonny-Mouse to halls of macadamia at 9:16 AM, March 28, 2009


Anonymous said...

Kinda like Kinsella-lite.

You know, they spend 50% of their time telling you that you're a worthless, unread blogger, and the other 50% of the time doing shit like this (or "outing" people's real names).

Neo Conservative said...

truth is... you've really gotta laugh at some of this this stuff.

"nonny aka libby aka cc"... spends a considerable amount of time and energy following my every daily utterance... and then madly trolls the comment threads... telling me, in effect... how insignificant, how utterly unimportant i am in his life.

he has set up multiple net identities dedicated to what... razzing me?

you almost have to feel sorry for the little pea-brain.


Crazy Mamma said...


Well this is a real Pi**er. I have been using "A Nonny Mouse" for about three or four weeks now when commenting on blogs or articles...How sweet it is to be copied or stolen or paid homage to I guess.

Anonymous said...

Neo, you are acting as a lighting-rod for the trolls. At first I was dismayed that you were acknowledging them at all. I think I see your point. They are an amusing, if predictable bunch. LOL

Neo Conservative said...

"jr says... At first I was dismayed that you were acknowledging them at all."

you are, sir... talking about some of my most ardent fans... or, more likely, my one biggest fan's... multiple personalities.

libby aka "liberal supporter" had apparently recently become so disheartened by my lack of response... that he had to resort to reinventing himself.

sadly, he was forced to give up his beloved war cry... "hahahahahahahah"... but has recently re-risen from the dungheap of obscurity as "nonny-mouse".

sadly, i suspect i am likely the only actual social interaction this young catcaller ever gets.

ah well... it's a burden, but someone has to do it.