19 March 2009

Hoist by her own...


The West Vancouver resident converted to Islam after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and runs a website, Jihad Unspun, that says it provides information “devoid of the constraints of mainstream media.”
Or "the constraints of civilisation", huh Bev?

In'shallah, baby.


"I wish her luck, maybe some of her hippy friends will come through for her."


sanwin said...

wow !

The G&M closed comments on the article after precisely 5 were posted suggesting she say goodbye !

Anonymous said...

OMG. Some of those comments were HARSH!

I'm surprised the G&M is even showing them.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta wonder which deity ol' bev is prayin' to tonight.


langmann said...

Can't say she wasn't warned. I mean what about 9/11 didn't she understand?

It could also be a simple ruse to try and raise money for her Taliban friends.

I wish her luck, maybe some of her hippy friends will come through for her...

Powell lucas said...

What's this? A scam to funnel money to the jehadists? Sorry lady, if you are not a party to this charade then you now realize what a bunch of criminals you have been supporting. Unlike the rest of the apologists for these thugs you are finding out what a bunch of scum they are. The rest of the rationalizers will learn their lesson in due time.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm not sure why bev isn't taking more comfort in the fact that, however this turns out... it's simply the 'will of allah'.

as opposed to the torment of... say... poor old atheist me.


Anonymous said...

Are these the "Moderate Taliban" that everyone (Jack Layton are you available for conflict negotiation of this kidnapping) wants to deal with in Afghanistan? Wonder if her mosque will take up a special collection for her ransom. On a serious note, I will keep her in my Christian prayers and hope for the best.