30 March 2009

Tick-tock, tick tock

The most interesting part of this whole thing, was watching Buzz Hargrove on CTV... trying to wrap his head around what had just happened...

If a Chrysler-Fiat union cannot be completed, Washington plans to walk away, leave Chrysler destined for a complete sell-off. No other money is available.

For GM, the administration offered 60 days of operating money to restructure. A frantic top-to-bottom effort began Sunday after CEO Rick Wagoner resigned under pressure from the White House.


Philanthropist said...

Obamafascist steps in to do the hiring and firing, no doubt he'll hire a bunch of eco-warriors to mismanage more taxpayer cash until it becomes absurdly unviable.

Democrats in the US like NDP/Liberals in Canada squawk about 'protecting jobs' - if these nasty left wing idiots got their way a Honda Civic would cost $50,000 bucks and wouldn't be built in North America, but you would be able to buy a Chevy Cavalier for $45,000.

Chrysler, the UAW, GM, the CAW, Ford - they're not our friends, let'em fail, go bankrupt and restructure/close.

Anonymous said...

Hargrove sounded like a kid who has just been told Santa isn't real.


Neo Conservative said...

"fred says... like a kid who has just been told Santa isn't real."

you could just tell that ol' buzz and the caw think all those automotive jobs and their cushy pensions are a never-ending entitlement... like the civil service.

hey cupe... are you listening?


FredM said...

"but you would be able to buy a Chevy Cavalier for $45,000. "

And it would be a piece of shit car.

liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter says... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... i know all about stuff and you're a big meanie"

i guess when that nonny-mouse" thing just didn't work out, libby went back to his other id.

thus commences liberal supporter's daily bombing of the comment threads... elucidating, in great detail, how unimportant i am in his life.

-- deleted --


arctic_front said...

The CAW and it's apologist's denial of reality is shocking. It's not about lost jobs. It's lost entitlement.

If XXX number of vehicle are sold in N.A. every year regardless of brand, the same number of vehicles will still be bought every year. It just might not be GM or Chrysler brand. The total sales may fluctuate, as in say a recession, but there is still a yearly demand. Those sales numbers will have to be met by somebody. Ford is looking like it's coming full-circle. They may not be my brand of choice, but they do supply at least one type of vehicle in the marketplace today, including one that is often over-looked: Heavy duty trucks bigger than pick-ups. Things like Cab/chassis units used in school buses, boom trucks, motorhomes, delivery trucks and dump trucks. So does Toyota under the Hino brand. All is not so bleak for at least SOME auto makers. Adios, GM/Chrysler. Was fun while it lasted.

To the GM/Chrysler CAW workers: Maybe Ford or Toyota is gonna be hiring soon.. fill out an application and see if they call you. I'm sure these companies would love to hire belligerent/greedy/myopic/ delusional/pro-union employees with a problem with denial.

Looks like Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Subaru, Hyundai stock prices are going to be going up in a big way soon. Buy now and beat the rush. That is your 'Stock market tip' of the week. You're very welcome!

Sammy said...

Gee..I wonder who will be awarded the leather CAW jacket during the next election campaign??

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... the leather CAW jacket"

the way things look right now... it's gonna be the disposable c.a.w. diaper.