21 March 2009

Toronto "RED" Star...

...reports on "disputes" in the big city...

A 27-year-old man was taken to hospital following a shooting in Scarborough early this morning. The victim was not being cooperative at this point and no suspects have been identified, police said.
And I'm actually a little surprised they're not calling this one a "tiff."
Two teenagers were taken to hospital with stab wounds following a fight in north Toronto Friday night. No suspects have been identified but several people were seen running from the scene.
Well, at least this time they didn't try to blame it on the "racist cops."

Your daily bird cage liner.



Anonymous said...

Why are we never given a motive for these antisocial behaviours? I'm curious as to why someone pulls out a knife/gun to harm another human being. Don't use poverty and poor education as a excuse - if that were true, every person who lived and survived the Great Depression should have been a street thug or drug and alcohol addicted.

Just being honest said...

Anon at 3:08,

Because it would probably paint the perps and the victims in an even less favorable light, if that's at all possible, and we'd find out drug dealing or flat out brain-dead thuggery is the motive. And that would hold people responsible for their own actions and fly in the face of left-wing victimhood ideology. But I bet you already knew that. I think most people do.

Powell lucas said...

Regardless of what motivates the thugs to go around shooting one another, the thing I'm still waiting for is the end to this sort of violence that the Liberals promised us when they introduced the gun registry. I can't seem to find hide nor hair all those worthy politicians who assured us that gun violence would disappear if only we spent a couple of billion dollars to register firearms. Jack Layton recently went to Vancouver to personally look into the gun violence problem. I haven't heard his comments on the inspection, but does anyone know if he proclaimed how successful the registry has been at reducing violence? He and the other criminal enablers of his ilk told us all how much better we would be if only gun owners and their weapons were entered into a computer database. Where is the reduction in gun crime? Surely these social engineers are willing to stand up and defend their position. Surely they can show us positive results.
No? Then I guess they are all the hug-a-thug idiots that the conservatives have painted them to be.

Neo Conservative said...

"powell lucas says... if only we spent a couple of billion dollars to register firearms."

no, no, powell... you don't get it... handguns in canada have required registration as "restricted firearms" since the 1930s.

the two billion dollars the fiberals spent... was simply to register farmer's varmint rifles and hunter's shotguns on top of that.

this latest p.r. stunt... the "farmer bob rifle registry" was simply a shameless attempt to convince people the libs were tough on crime.

and like so many lunatic left initiatives, the only thing it accomplished was to enrich their corporate friends while making taxpayer wallets lighter.


Anonymous said...

"The level of gun ownership world-wide is directly related to murder and suicide rates and specifically to the level of death by gunfire."

It's a fact asshat.

Anonymous said...

Hey asshat? Why is it that the US has the highest homicide rate by firearm? Well asshat?

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... numbers, in this case anyway, are not your friend...

"In 2003, there were 161 gun homicides in Canada. Assuming that each shooting involved a separate gun we can calculate what percentage of Canadian guns were involved in these murders. If we take the official figure of seven million guns we get (161/7,000,000 = 0.000023 or .0023%). Only 23 ten thousandths of 1% of the Canadian gun stock was involved in a homicide."

"If we pursue our policy of regulating crime by strictly regulating gun availability to the general public we can reasonably expect that .0023% of our efforts will affect guns used in homicide and 99.997% of our effort will be wasted."


Philanthropist said...

anon at 10:14 should double check his figures - Venezuela has the highest homocide rate by firearms.

It's my understanding that they've been #1 for a few years now, but I don't care enough to look it up again.

Neo Conservative said...

funny how the nonnies of the world never want to actually go and live in one of their "socialist paradises".

i wonder why that is.