19 March 2009

More cheap shots...

...from the sheep seats...

Opposition MPs criticized Breitkreuz's choice to attend saying it was an insensitive decision as Toronto faces problems with guns on the streets.

On Thursday, CSSA Executive Director Tony Bernardo told CTV News that his organization was withdrawing its invitation to Breitkreuz.

Bernardo said the CSSA was sorry that the incident has caused embarrassment to Breitkreuz.
What on earth does this event have to do with urban street thuggery?

Did Gray Breitkreuz even indicate that he was aware of this raffle?

And guess what guys, even if he was... there's just a bit of a difference between legally owning a gun... and shooting someone with a gun.
"I guess if we were a camera club we'd give away a camera, if we were a car club we'd give away a car -- but we're not. We're a shooting association and we're raffling a firearm," Bernardo told CTV.ca in a phone interview.

"It's a legal firearm being raffled to legal, licensed owners. What's the problem?"
You get that right?

Good grief.


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...not a single Member of Parliament was involved...
The shooting occurred in a basement apartment in a house on Merritt described by neighbours as a suspected crack house.

"This area's bad," said one resident, who didn't give his name.

He said the house, owned by an older woman who rents out rooms, is notorious for suspected drug activity, with people coming and going at all hours.
And yet another murder in Lotusland...
-- VANCOUVER -- Another man has been killed in a shooting in Metro Vancouver.

The RCMP say the man was found dead in a residential area of southeast Surrey early today.

It's too early to tell if the attack was gang or drug-related, but the death brings to 17 the number of people killed in almost 40 shootings in the region since January.
I sure hope CTV is checking Gary Breitkreuz' alibi.


UPDATE: Of course... it's all on "Dirty Stevie"
"I have not a shadow of a doubt that this is being directed by the Prime Minister's Office," said Mark Holland, the Liberal public safety critic.

LAST WORD: The incredible dishonesty of CityTv

In Canada, you can't simply "give" a pistol away to any Tom, Dick or Omar. Handguns have been classified as restricted weapons requiring special registration since the early 1930's.

This raffle would be restricted to people who have received special training and subsequent vetting by the police. These days, your spouse or live-in partner actually has to give their approval. If all that goes well... they are then issued a special "permit to possess" which has incredibly strict conditions. You are then allowed to take this gun straight to and from a registered range.

Another shining example of left-biased "media duplicity".



Powell lucas said...

The political correctness Nazis are making cowards of everyone. What a sick, spineless nation we have become.

langmann said...

You know, all of the sudden there is this bout of bad smear type press coming out of the media against conservatives.

Want to make a bet Wornout Kinsellout is pulling strings behind this?

Some may say, what's good for the goose ie: the conservative attack advertisement against Dion. However there is a difference, this smearing is being done by so called professional independent unbiased media.

Neo Conservative said...

well... it's not like anybody is gonna be too surprised by any of this.

ctv is practically an arm of the liberal party these days.

apropos of nothing... has anybody else been hypnotised by the small, naked, cellulite ass... that passes for lloyd robertson's chin these days?

i'm so horrified/rivetted... i can't even hear what he says anymore.

i'm calling it "post-traumatic news disorder".


robins111 said...

I'm a little confused, where was the outrage at Taliban Jack, and the Libby's speaking at the pro-hamas rallies?

I can't be sure but legal gun owners as opposed the F&^king murderers who call for genocide I'd call that a double standard.