25 March 2009

Oh, good grief...

...no wonder post-secondary education in Ontario is so messed up.


"Now can someone describe what kind of a freak would consider themself "Other."
An Honourable Mention goes to...
I believe "Other" represents a preference for farm yard animals.

"Agrisexual" is the more common term in my neck of the woods.


alexb said...

Okay, what is two spirit.
I thought i was in the loop.
I might like this,help.

Neo Conservative said...

"alexb asks... Okay, what is two spirit."

alex, honestly... i'm afraid to ask.


Frances said...

And just HOW is this relevant to your job performance? To be blunt, bringing your sexuality into the workplace is seriously counterproductive.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta love the serious science here as well... a workplace poll that's apparently open to the entire world?

institute of higher learning, my irish arse.


DavidA said...

Two spirit is (I think) someone who performs in either gender role. I think its a native term.

Neo Conservative said...

"david says... someone who performs in either gender role... a native term"

performs, huh? as in a theatrical sense... or like a community service?

so anyway, we're talking about anyone who... forgive me... "like the gentle prairie breeze"... blows both ways?

that's certainly more prosaic than the vernacular of MY workaday youth.


Honey Pot said...

I am sure by next year they will have a larger category of fuckedupness labellings for the students to select from.

There are people who have sex with animals, only if it is consensual of course. There was a dem last week who referred to that as animal husbandry.

There are those who are overly fond of sleeping with plastic blow up dolls.

That is the only other I can think of.

Philanthropist said...

I thought the survey authors were either idiots or morons - so I had to answer 'two spirit'.

rabbit said...

I believe "Other" represents a preference for farm yard animals. "Agrisexual" is the more common term in my neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there's no "Celibate" option.

Neo Conservative said...

"rabbit says... 'Agrisexual' is the more common term..."


c'mon rabbit... you gotta call a "coffee spittin' alert" before you trot those out.

dammit... where's those paper towels?