23 March 2009

What us knuckle-draggin' Neocons...

...can learn from the compassionate, intellectual left.

You wanna rebut accusations of anti-semitism... hey, just trot out another stereotype...
Geez... I hate to think what Zee's got in his back pocket... a little Amos and Andy?

(swept up @ dmb)


Philanthropist said...

Would a liberal make fun of a black guy's dreadlocks? Doubt it.

A Maori's tattoos? Doubt that too. Etc...


The Phantom said...

Pretty interesting comments thread, eh?

Seems a lot of these people (and I use the term loosely) are not about their professed ideals.

Interesting week generally. Blazing Cat Fur the horrible racist outed by Katsella, Katsella lover BCL posting anti-Semitic crap, getting backup from all manner of Katsella loving types like TiGuy, Zorpheous, etc.

Bolder or just stupider is my question.

syncrodox said...

Bolder and stupider. With Catsmeat setting the standard we can expect a lot more hypocritical hyperbole from the likes of Ti and Big City Bigot.



Neo Conservative said...

scratch a socialist... find an anti-semite. anything to do with jews... and the mask just slips right off.

so much for lofty ideals.