28 March 2009

I can't wait to see the MSM...

...try turn this woman into THE VICTIM...

Officers discovered the lifeless body of Jadon Bernard, who was only 18 months old, inside a silver Honda CRV parked in the garage.

Investigators allege the tot’s mom, Nadine Bernard, 34, killed her son and then attempted to end her own life.
I'm sorry... but there's a special place in hell...


RELATED: Peel homicide cops on a roll...
An acquaintance of slain restaurateur George Koutroubis was taken into custody by Peel police in Toronto yesterday afternoon and charged in his murder, The Sun has learned.

After an exhaustive and detailed investigation into the mysterious slaying of the well-known and popular co-owner of Six Steps restaurant on Colbourne St., Andrew Campbell, 43, of Whitby, will be in a Brampton court room this morning to be formally charged with first-degree murder.

Court records indicate Campbell has a 2004 firearms conviction and was not a stranger to police.

LAST WORD: Bend over... grab your ankles
"Call the cops, they'll show up an hour later, ask you to fill out a form."


langmann said...

In regard to the Farmer: AFAIK Texas is the only place where self defence of property extends beyond their own home, that is if one believes that unless one stops the criminal their property will be irretrievable.

I think the farmer was in his rights to defend his property with force on his own land. I don't know the full details, however, but he may have gone outside the reservation on this one for me.