28 March 2009

Yeah... that 2 for 1 "dead time"

How's that workin' for ya?

On Thursday, his son pleaded guilty to 49 charges, including mischief, criminal harassment and threatening.

In custody eight months, 17 days and given 2-for-1 time served, Justice Kathleen Caldwell yesterday sentenced Ralph Scala, 37, to three years probation and ordered him to compensate his victims and not to live in or visit his neighbourhood, Det. Michael Gurman said.
No wonder people don't have any faith in the "justice system."
In court Thursday, prosecutor Jody Milstein said the entire neighbourhood had been "terrorized."

Court heard one victim was a 3-year-old girl, but favourite targets were seniors.
Does this sort of thing make you crazy?

Here's a thought... you could get behind the folks who want to fix this.



Anonymous said...

As Bob Tarantino writes on his excellent blog, these people are GUILTY. What's the problem? Its not like they are compensating someone who has been found innocent, or who hasn't been found guilty...

BTW, found this nice blog too. But be sure your blood pressure is ok first:


Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... these people are GUILTY. What's the problem?"

the thing is... to dawg and red tory and cc, it's all relative... these folks are simply all victims of our racist, patriarchal injustice system.


Philanthropist said...

Criminals & lawyers delay their trials so they get the 2-for-1 deal, so of course it's going to be overcrowded in pre-trial custody.

The whole incarceration experience should be designed to deter criminals from committing more crimes, but that's not what the liberal patronage appointees at 'Corrections Canada' think, they want revolving door 'justice'.

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist says... to deter criminals from committing more crimes"

trouble is, in that big imaginary socialist paradise... there's no such thing as a bad boy.


langmann said...

Yeah, that's what I tried to tell idiot boy, lib supporter.

Apparently 2:1 law was created to punish prosecuting attorneys for running slow cases.

It really just punishes the victims.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... It really just punishes the victims."

trust me... there's a tipping point here. people are starting to get really fed up.


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter says... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... you're a bad man"

ah, yes... the indisputable wisdom of anonymous trolls

thus commences liberal supporter's daily bombing of the comment threads... elucidating, in great detail, how unimportant i am in his life.

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