22 March 2009

Because Trudeau, Mulroney...

...Chretien and Martin just weren't enough...

"Quebecers do not deserve to be in a permanent opposition in Ottawa. Their place is in power," Ignatieff said, pausing for applause.

"The time has come for Quebecers to get their place back in Ottawa."
Thus spake the Puffin King... you know... the guy who didn't live in Canada for how many decades?



Wanna know what else the four musketeers had in common?

They were all solidly wired in... at one point or another... to Quebec's Power Corporation.
Chretien let him cool his jets for two and a half hours in the foyer before having him ushered in. The commissioner was looking like a loose cannon, but Chretien had to be extremely careful about what he said and how he said it. The Desmarais connection was as touchy a subject as there could be.

Chretien's predecessor, Brian Mulroney, was back working with the Desmarais family on Power Corp.'s international board of advisers.

Chretien did not even risk raising the family name.
A highlight of the book is Palango's take on the Maher Arar affair. It knocked me on my ass.

Pick up the book and get a look at the "sausage factory" of Canadian politics... and policing.


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Anonymous said...

I have often said that Quebec will never separate - the Desmarais family would not allow it. Power Corp. owns the Liberal brand in Quebec and who know how many MP's outside the borders of La Belle Province. Sorry Bloc and PQ supporters - you may have popular support but you don't have the money to pull this off. That is why the power shift of people and money to the West is so problematic.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that since the 'quiet revolution' Quebec has mostly been in the political driver's seat in this country. But things can and do change. I believe that Quebec will leave but under a North American union situation. All of us conservatives find it laughable that a US academic and a right leaning one at that, is acceptable to the left of this country these days. But power for the sake of power is a strong drug. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

read the palango book... the political and financial reach of the desmarais family is truly frightening.

apparently, for instance, power corp runs most of the physical infrastructure in belgium. they also have scary "big oil" connections in the mideast.

and gawd only knows what they're doing in china.

chretien was obviously thinking dynasty when his daughter married into the royal family.

a good read.


Philanthropist said...

Explains Iggy's happy birthday phonecall to Myron Baloney.

Crooked Jean Chretien is a corrupt, petty, ignorant man who should be charged criminally for his role in stealing millions of dollars from our wallets when he ran the Liberal Party of Montreal.

Neo Conservative said...

read the book... you'll be demanding that quebec separates from canada.