20 March 2009

Four Canadians killed

...in Afghanistan...

-- KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN -- Two separate explosions claimed the lives of four Canadian soldiers Friday as they took part in a massive military operation aimed at disrupting the Taliban before the start of what is predicted to be a particularly deadly fighting season.
Fighting season? What fighting?

These donkeyheads simply plant explosive booby traps that kill far more of their muslim brethren... including innocent women and children... than their perceived enemy.

The fact is, every time the brave "holy warriors" stand and fight, they get shredded into applesauce.
All of the soldiers who were killed were members of the Third Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment based in Petawawa, Ont. which is due to return to Canada in the coming weeks.
The dead have been identified as Master Corporal Scott Francis Vernelli, 28, Corporal Tyler Crooks, 24, Trooper Jack Bouthillier, 20, and Trooper Corey Joseph Hayes, 22.

They will be remembered.



Murray the Hun said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the families. I trust that Canadians and Afghans will recognize the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.

My 26-year-old son is an infantry Master-Corporal and is in workup training for deployment (again) in the next few months. He is only one of thousands of very tough, skilled, and dedicated soldiers. There are thousands like him either currently in country, or preparing to go, or recovering from their deployment.

The numbers of immediate family members of soldiers run into the tens of thousands - spouses, children, siblings, and parents. These are challenging times. Don't forget us.

Anonymous said...

An awful lot of soldiers over the years based in Petawawa have been killed.

And now the Vandoos are back in Afghanistan again.

When are the helicopters and the coming increased presence of the Americans going to make a difference? It is very distressing.

Canada and the communities who are sending these soldiers have certainly done an awful lot, while other NATO countries sit back.

Frank Hilliard said...

I am dismayed at the routine way the Taliban has been killing our soldiers. Whatever the strategy we're using is, it's not good enough. We need more offence and less defence.

Personally I favour the British technique of putting everyone in camps in order to cut the population off from the military-age males.

But we would need more troops; tens of thousands more. At the moment we have enough troops to provide targets but not enough to do the job.

This is because the Liberals never really got their head around the idea that you need big numbers to fight a war.

They're the ones who convinced Canadians that you can do something under Division strength when everyone in the field knows you can't.

Bazoo said...

Every time I hear about one of Canada's fine young soldiers being killed, I realize that someones's son is not coming home. Someones Daddy is not coming home. I pray that the people of Afghanistan prove to be worthy of the enormous sacrifice that these men and their families have made.

Neo Conservative said...

"frank says... Personally I favour the British technique of putting everyone in camps in order to cut the population off from the military-age males."

two words... boer war.

but i take your point about limited resources. hopefully the increase in american troops will put a dent in what is essentially a guerilla war.

watch for the libs and dippers to try make additional political hay out of these brave soldier's sacrifice.


arctic_front said...

It pains me to rationalize these brave soldier's deaths time and time again without some solid political determination. Either we are there to WIN or we are not. Kill these bastards wherever they are, kill them with extreme prejudice and hunt them down wherever they hide.

I have a close friend who is retired CAF, and he knows personally most of these boys, pardon, MEN. He crys every time we lose one of our own. He is a decorated soldier and has seen battle. His lament is that for all our losses, no tangible good comes from their sacrifice. No steely determination to avenge them, no political determination to WIN.

I too feel such sadness with each casualty, but also sense the lack of 'personal' vengeance I feel should be ingrained by the military brass. Let's kick some real serious ass and make the bastards pay dearly for what they have done. We owe it to our brave soldiers who put so much on the line.

Neo Conservative said...

"af says... no political determination to WIN."

then, obviously... hearing this... isn't gonna make either of you any happier.