30 March 2009

Paging Peter MacKay

I dunno... maybe it is rocket science...

The Black Thunder looks like a regular D9 bulldozer but is equipped with a number of cameras that transmit images to the operator, who controls the vehicle with a wireless remote control. The unmanned D9 participated widely in Operation Cast Lead as well as in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.
Why are we sending troops down the road without one of these bad boys pre-sweeping for unexploded ordinance?
"The unmanned version is important since if there is a concern that an area is loaded with mines it can save lives," the officer said, adding that in the event of a communications malfunction the vehicle can be turned into a manned vehicle and operated like a regular D9.
Do it.

Do it now.



syncrodox said...


Exactly! Although a wide pad six with a muskeg blade might be more effective.


Neo Conservative said...

well... the toronto star can afford to give eight million bucks to a guy they just fired... for incompetence?

what's the hangup here, for a country of 30 million people?

these folks are puttin' it all out there to do a pretty messy job... my thought on this one is... whatever it takes.