24 March 2009

Day Trippin'

Just back from a run down to CFB Trenton with Neophyte's G-Dad.

G-Dad's an airplane buff and ex-pilot who trained out west with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan during WWII. The Museum wasn't open today, but we scoped out the static display and an F-18 through the fence... and watched the Herky-birds touch and go.

It was a nice sunny day and I'm sure he was happy just to have a change of scenery. This being old and less than healthy must be a drag... but he's no whiner.

I'm happy to report he's bounced back some from his diabetes... now if we could only put a few pounds back on his very spare frame.

All in all a pleasant afternoon.



kursk said...

There are no tougher birds than an old war bird..

Sometimes they just need something of substance on their plate to keep them going...

I was in Hamilton last year, and overheard a conversation between a 90 year old Lancaster pilot, and a 91 year old German night fighter pilot...

The German stated that the most dangerous time was when you had to penetrate the bombers defensive box to get in a shot, and the Canadian told him the night fighter with the upward firing machine cannons made him sweat out many a night over the target..

He said he still has dreams of the Flak being so thick over Dortmund, "that you could get out and walk back home on it"

Neo Conservative said...

anybody willing to put on the uniform and serve... gets extra credit in my book.

g-dad is good people on top of that. a life well lived.


sanwin said...

Slightly off topic, but you might find this useful.


The site above has a handy dandy mass mailer which is supposed to send your comments in support of Galloway to the leaders of the Conservative Party.

Of course it's a simple job to replace the standard boilerplate text to say what you ACTUALLY feel and get it to the Conservative Party.

Theres also a mailer on cutting funding to the CAF.

Have fun with it.

Rose said...

I'm heartened to hear he's doing well, make him drink milk shakes scratch that. Protein powder in weight watchers ice cream packed ten pounds on me once.

If he likes aviation magazines there is a great one online called Vertical Reference, they also have a discussion forum.

Neo Conservative said...

rose... thanks for the online reference, we'll check it out.

we've got g-dad taking diabetic meal supplements as well as regular meals. the only thing he really grooves on, though... is his morning porridge.

but we'll keep trying to beef him up.


Rich said...

Another aircraft museum (a massive one)a long day's drive away is the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio.
It has a huge display of aircraft of all types and is well worth the trip.
Pix from the museum are available on youtube or on the web by doing a search for "Wright Patterson"