31 March 2009

There are none so blind...

...as those who will not see...

Those who shouted the loudest for the heads of the AIG execs had the dirtiest hands. President Obama was outraged at their greed. But he alone signed their bonus provisions into law.

And during the recent presidential campaign, no one forced him to accept over $100,000 in AIG donations.

Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, Connecticut Democrat, was the fieriest in his denunciations of Wall Street greed. Yet he was the very one who inserted the bonus provision into the bailout bill, despite later denying it.

And Mr. Dodd has taken more AIG money than anyone else in Congress.
So, how exactly does this work? How can anyone... right, left, drunk... schizophrenic... hell, comatose... rationalise this behaviour?

Does Obama still get to be "The One"?

Behold the deafening silence.


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"The thing that most impresses me about Shakedown is that it talks about the reality of living in Canada today. Most of what I hear in media is nonsense, carefully crafted to avoid trouble."
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Philanthropist said...

Obama's Ivy League friends can take a little bit of heat in the press because they know he'll reward them with a captive market.

langmann said...

You know, if W had been even the slightest bit implicated in taking what is basically bribes from AIG, you can bet it would be the headline leader from southern California to northern Europe.

Remember how long the Saudi bin Laden family was linked by money to Bush right after 911...

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... if W had been even the slightest bit implicated in taking what is basically bribes from AIG"

good gawd... can you imagine the bloodthirty yowling of the outraged left?

and then... on the other hand... apparently obama could strangle a girl scout on national tv... and he'd still be "the one".

funny how that works.