24 March 2009

It has been brought to my attention...

...that the Halls is not the fastest loading kid on the block.

After paring down my sidebar, with a little measurable improvement, I have come to the conclusion that I may be inadvertantly clogging up the pipes with large image files.

Since starting to blog two and a half years ago... I've been dropping jpegs into posts without really worrying about file size... from this point forward, I'm going to try going with slimmer png files.

Any and all advice, or feedback... in the comments, or by email, will be welcomed.



Mikey said...

Much faster this morning, Neo. That's great, because I love the site but always hated the load time!

Anonymous said...

I have never had a problem.

Neo Conservative said...

it seems some folks have had issues with it... and some not.

i've noticed an initial load lag... but i guess the images were cached after that.

regardless... i want people to come away feeling pleased... not pissed.

the project will continue.


Richard said...

I've found that pulling the blogrolls off of my main page made a huge improvement.

Neo Conservative said...

richard... good to know. i put up an abbreviated version of a large blogroll... seems to have helped somewhat.


Anonymous said...

I've had loading issues with your site for some time,this morning it loaded very quickly. Regards Jake

Neo Conservative said...

that's good to know. i guess i'm on the right track.


beachnut said...

Regarding your load time, neo.
I used to make you my last stop because your site seemed to freeze my pc.
No problems now, but I had to buy a newer pc anyway!

lance said...

Move the javascript blogrolls to the right side column. Yes that means a re-design. There's a reason that all the big web sites do it that way. Browsers render the pages left to right and Javascript last.

Putting the Javascript on the left, delays the display of the main page until the javascript executes and gets the blogroll from somewhere else. People don't mind waiting a bit if there is some content to read.

Ensure that your blog software adds width and height tags to images. If not, d'load the gimp and fix your images and manually add the attributes to the img tags.

Ensure that you're using valid XHTML and CSS and not a mixture that the browser has to figure out.

Validate your sites CSS and XHTML:


Fix as many of the errors that it finds as you can.


Neo Conservative said...

lance... looks like i have a bit of work ahead of me.

hopefully there's a minima template already out there with the sidebar on the right.

thx for the tips.