27 March 2009

Just blame it on Stephen Harper

It's funny... I checked with all my neighbours... and nobody around here has noticed a sudden exodus of women for parts unknown...

Ms. Brown, meanwhile, has a ready answer for those critical of her career choice.

"I have job security," she said.
Yup... not to mention... herpes.


"Her 'job security' will start to sag eventually."

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...but somebody's gotta do it.



Anonymous said...

There's some reality show to come in Quebec called Wipe Out which is supposed to feature people doing extreme obstacle courses in Argentina. Apparently they have been flooded with more than 3,000 applicants as of this morning to appear on this show (most men I assume).

Neo Conservative said...

i've seen "wipe out"... it's one of neophyte's favorite shows. it's pretty funny.

still, there's a little bit of a difference between getting a one-shot, narcissistic, paid vacation to argentina, with a chance of winning 50k... and dedicating your life to "the lap & the pole"... wouldn't you say?


robins111 said...

Only a fleabag left wing rag, could come up with this proposition.

I used to think that the lefty's were beyond comprehension when they blamed PMSH for global warming, but this is so totally stupid it makes me gag.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... Only a fleabag leftwing rag..."

ah... perhaps you didn't catch ctv's recent reportage that "the financial crisis" was driving ordinary, law-abiding citizens into new careers as bank robbers.

if so... it's a societal scourge that has somehow bypassed our local communities.

if anybody has any further information regarding these mythical cities of loose women and violent men... please feel free to leave an update here.


Philanthropist said...

Her 'job security' will start to sag eventually.