26 March 2009

No, Marko...

...you're in federal custody... playing "drop the soap" with a bunch of degenerate bikers... that's when you'll really be sorry...


Neo Conservative said...

[text of article follows]

'I'm sorry,' sobs pickaxe killer
The Calgary Sun

CALGARY -- Convicted pickaxe murderer Marko Miljevic stood up in court and offered a tearful apology to his victim's family yesterday.

It was the first sign of emotion from Miljevic who otherwise sat stone-faced through nearly two hours of sentencing submissions, with a decision coming today on how much time he'll serve for the gruesome slaying of Matt McKay.

"What happened that night was an accident ... I'm sorry to put you through all this pain and suffering you're going through," said the 20-year-old, his voice cracking as he briefly scanned a courtroom gallery packed with McKay's friends and family.

McKay, 17, was struck once in the head with a pickaxe while at a Queensland house party Sept. 29, 2007.

Miljevic was convicted of second-degree murder last December.

Outside court, McKay's father Ken said he felt the killer's apology was sincere.

"I think Marko there showed remorse," said the grieving father.

Ken said the length of Miljevic's parole ineligibility -- the crux of yesterday's Court of Queen's Bench session -- amounts to something of a moot point given the severity of his crime.

"He can still get an education, he can still turn his life around ... my son has no chance of doing that," Ken said.

In his submission to Justice Earl Wilson, Crown prosecutor Gary Cornfield argued Miljevic's parole ineligibility should be raised to 12 years from 10.

"There is justification for making it the higher end of the range -- it was a brutal, senseless killing," he said.

"This is a parent's worst nightmare come true."

Cornfield cited a pre-sentence report and psychiatric assessment in detailing the convicted killer's immaturity, impulsive nature and admittedly pugnacious behaviour when immersed in a "toxic brew" of booze and drugs.

Defence lawyer Allan Fay conceded his client has a history of fights, including one that got him expelled from high school and two recent scrapes at the Calgary Remand Centre.

But his contention Miljevic fights in self-defence, or to defend others, earned disparaging words from Wilson.

"He certainly wasn't doing that in this case -- the fight was over, he was just sticking his nose into it," said the judge.

Miljevic will receive an automatic life sentence when Wilson sets his parole ineligibility term today.


JA Goneaux said...

Miljevic will receive an automatic life sentence when Wilson sets his parole ineligibility term today.

Yeah, that live imPRISONment really means that...

BTW, if your heart can stand it, check out the latest at my blog. Oh, and see http://www.cancrime.com/. Quite a list of reasons why we have a legal system, not a Justice system...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... if your heart can stand it..."

well... i wish i could say i'm shocked... but really... it just makes me sad.


Josephine said...

It "was an accident".

Yeah, sounds remorseful to me.

Neo Conservative said...

"josephine says... Yeah, sounds remorseful to me."

looks like marko... like so many of his fellow sociopaths... suddenly got remorseful just before sentencing.

funny how that works.


Josephine said...

Neo C: He's sorry, alright: sorry he got caught and sorry he's going to prison.