18 March 2009

The Toronto "RED" Star...

...starts stockpiling torches and pitchforks.


Apparently, the lunatic left...

...can't even stay bought.



Anonymous said...

Harris as kingmaker? Dalton McGuinty laughing all the way to his 3rd majority.

robins111 said...

We'll see cc.

But the Dolltoid has already ruined what was left of his reputation,

I know, maybe he can ban Mike Harris.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... laughing all the way to his 3rd majority."

really, nonny... you think your kids will think this is funny too?

'cos they're the ones that'll be paying for it.


Rose said...

Well I can see him winning again, the left have been stuck on stupid for so long they can't even vote intelligently or with knowledge. Dalton is a natural socialist's nanny nation leader.

langmann said...

Nonny has kids? I hope not, it would be like the blind leading the deaf.

We're the generation that has had to deal with Trudeau's mess, and it wasn't pretty in the 1990's when Canada almost lost it's AAA credit rating. We all experienced the Mulroney GST and then the government cut-backs during the Martin era along with an increase in EI taxes that all paid to balance the deficit.

What goes around seems to be coming around. Unfortunately we don't have a strong Reform party in opposition ready to pounce on a loose government. We just have a bunch of idiots in opposition crying for more debt.

Anyway Hudak seems like an alright guy, he has a few degrees in economics so I am interested to hear what he has to say. No doubt however the media with the help of Wornout will think of a way to pillory him, you never know, Hudak might have said "Merry Christmas" once.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says.. We're the generation that has had to deal with Trudeau's mess"

ah, yes... saint pierre of fuddle-duddle... the guy who took the national debt from 28 billion to over 300 billion dollars.

seems like a pretty puny number all of a sudden, huh? and ol' mcslippery continues along that same oily path.

hey... will dalton promise not to raise our taxes... again?

go sheeple go.


langmann said...

Yeah people seem to have forgotten that debt repayments were so large they were actually threatening our ability to fund even the standard programs. A good argument can be made that the debt repayment charges created a large suffering in health care during the 1990's as well as doctor shortage directly because of the mess Trudeau left us with.

So now the idea is to transfer all the debt from failing businesses and banks to governments. Our experience in the 1990's should be a wake up call to all governments considering this, including our own. There will be a reckoning of this debt at some point.

Why does the left ignore the idea of debt?