23 March 2009

Here comes the science

Your tax dollars... their "homeless friends"...

-- TORONTO -- The city is giving $100 pre-paid Visa cards to people who agree to pretend they're homeless when Toronto conducts its needs assessment of those without shelter.

In an e-mail sent out last week to different social agencies and individuals, city employee Monica Waldman said they are looking for "tons" of people to sign up to be "decoys" on April 15, the night scheduled for the city's second homeless head count.

"As a decoy, you would need to come to a 30-minute training session and then be deployed to various sites throughout the city where you will wait to be approached by the research volunteers."
Just another brainwave from "His Blondeness" and the "skeet-shooting causes crime" department at City Hall.

Now stop stalling... just pay your tax bill and shut up.


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Don't miss the comment about Klingon battle swords.

"Mentall-ill", indeed.


LAST WORD: Can't resist a well-turned phrase
"I was sure that I'd have more to say on Michael Coren's show last week than I did when I agreed to do CBC Newsworld's Sunday morning current affairs program a couple of years ago, just after the death of Anna Nicole Smith, where I apparently outraged the female host by suggesting that Smith had unhappily filled a "whore-shaped hole" in the culture."

"Note to self: don't quote Pascal on national television."
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Rose said...

LOL video games to hunt, yea and that person lives in the real world of stuck on stupid. Mentally ill people are rarely violent, and tend to use their hands not guns if they do become violent.

Neo perhaps we should give gang bangers Xboxes and free video games and that'll cure those drive by shootings right?

Concerned said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the people that are totally illiterate on the subject of firearms and their use have developed such an incredibly deep hatred for them. It makes me wonder if they also hate everything else they don’t understand. I’d guess it would be a very long list.

Neo Conservative said...

the leftosphere, the msm and the fiberals have done a superb job of associating firearms with criminality.

of course, legally possessing a firearm has virtually nothing to do with shooting someone. gangbangers do not possess, nor do they use, legal firearms.

but that isn't gonna make a dent in mayor super dave's thick skull. for him, it's all about politics... not facts.

and whaddaya know... it sells newspapers too.


Concerned said...

I have to agree, it makes me want to gag too.

Neo Conservative said...

"concerned says... makes me want to gag"

call me wacky... but i'm guessin'... not as much as this...


Rob Budde said...

It's not so much "legally possessing a firearm" that scares me as the huge number of guns produced by gun manufacturers. Now, Neo don't go ballistic on me. I just wonder why so many are made so that the "gangbangers" get a hold of them so easily. It's a question not an accusation.

ddt said...

I also wonder about the large number of cars made so that drunk drivers can get their hands on them.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde asks... I just wonder why so many are made so that the "gangbangers" get a hold of them so easily"

rob... they don't "get a hold of them"... they steal them, or buy them from other criminals who stole them.

these guns don't fall out of the sky and corrupt these poor souls.

and taking varmint rifles off farmers and shotguns off duck hunters... even if it didn't cost two billion taxpayer dollars is a sham.

"Statistics Canada has reported that 2.27% of homicides in Canada were committed with a registered gun and only 1.21% were committed with a registered firearm that was owned by the accused (Statistics Canada study of 5,194 homicides between 1997 & 2005)."

"In 2003, there were 161 gun homicides in Canada. Assuming that each shooting involved a separate gun we can calculate what percentage of Canadian guns were involved in these murders. If we take the official figure of seven million guns we get (161/7,000,000 = 0.000023 or .0023%). Only 23 ten thousandths of 1% of the Canadian gun stock was involved in a homicide."

the real answer here is dropping the socialist "hug-a-thug" catch and release program.

make these sociopaths realise that actions have consequences.

yeah rob... it's harsh... but let's reintoduce the concept of "personal responsibility" to the people of canada.


Philanthropist said...

Mayor Miller spends over $200 million a year enabling people to be homeless in Toronto, if he doesn't make damn sure they're out there then voters might start to wonder if Miller's friends are worth that kind of money.

New Subway lines get built for that kind of cash, fleets of buses could be purchased or they could even fix potholes and pave roads.

Without a 'census' and subsequent media circus about how bad the homeless problem is in Toronto, voters are going to demand their tax dollars do something for them - Mayor Miller can't let that happen, he is far too incompetent to manage spending wisely.

Rob Budde said...

"Reintoduce"--is that a new torture technique? Just kidding. Yes, harsher jail sentences for gun offenses. I agree. Even illegal possession should be a big hit. I do think preventative measures could help too. Ways to get inner-city kids into other things besides loading up. Spend some money on programs to give kids an option. What do you think about BC Campbell's plan to separate inmates so gang members can't recruit while in jail?

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde asks... What do you think about BC Campbell's plan to separate inmates so gang members can't recruit while in jail?"

rob... for me, gangs are like ebola.

put 'em all in quarantine to contain the infection.